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We are a fledgeling company, but already have the respect of the industry. 'No Smoke', our first feature was  selected from 800 films from 50 countries to be screened at the Marbella International Film Festival in 2013.Here's the trailer..

Our short film 'Nobody's Child' received acclaim from the BBC and can be seen in full on IMDb.It was featured in the Hichin Festival this year.

HOT NEWS! We are very excited about our new feature ARCHIE. It has just been signed, as well as No Smoke, by a US company for WORLDWIDE distribution!

Here's the trailer;

The legendary DON BLACK and DEBBIE WISEMAN have given us an original song for ARCHIE so it's all happening!

Catch Me Films was started by Sue Shearing, an experienced writer, director, producer and actor, and has attracted many professional actors and crew.



From BAFTA judge Henry Lytton- Cobbold; 'Archie and No Smoke are both more interesting than half of the movies released in cinemas last year.What an ambitious movie to make (Archie), and what a great job you've done.Big congratulations. I am so impressed with both movies. I very much look forward to movie number three!

I finally watched your films.I am VERY impressed.If these are your first two films, and made on such a budget,  I think you are on your way to becoming a truly great filmmaker.  And I do  not say that lightly.  So many of the elements on these films are so strong.  
And sorry, contrary to what I first thought from the one trailer - the music in these films is lovely.  The music in No Smoke is so .. exquisite.  
As a director, you are astounding.  Your directing is flawless and imperceptible.  Your choice of actors is perfect.
 All in all, just want to say Congratulations and you have made my weekend.

- --   Sue B  Film Lawyer
Susan Basko, Esq. 
California and Illinois

"I think you have very effectively demonstrated how screenwriting at its best is as much, if not more, of a visual than a verbal medium.' Philip S, script editor, on our new film 'ARCHIE'.

'Have finally read the script of 'ARCHIE'. There are tears in my eyes! I know this is the best script I have EVER been sent. Genuinely, the story, characters, pacing, dialogue, everything is top drawer. This will be a great film and will be a great success. I will be proud to be a part of it.' Chris Sutton, Sound Recordist.

'Awesome is the word that springs to mind for ARCHIE! We loved every minute, but you owe us a box of tissues!' David and Davina Mc Farlane

'I think ARCHIE stands up with the best of television drama and independent film. A good quality picture that does not reflect the vicissitude of the production process and clearly demonstrates achievement. You should be very pleased with the work'.   Steve Goddard. Costar International Television Ltd

"Finally a story with less trash and more substance. 'Brassed Off' meets 'About a Boy' but better!'  Angela Holmes

"I've just watched ARCHIE and cried! What a delightful film - such a touching story. The little boy who plays Archie is just adorable. lots and lots of congratulations!' Debbie Wiseman.

'A nice subject matter dealt with well.' BBC on ARCHIE.

'Archie was a touching movie. I didn't have a dry eye for most of the movie. The ending was perfect.' Mr Shannon Parker, USA (viewed on Vudu)

'ARCHIE is a beautiful and touching story'. NW 

'What a wonderful film'. L.Wood

'A magical film'. J.D

'Brilliant casting and performance. Congratulations!' Joanna M.

'Amazing. I shed a few tears throughout'. Hannah P.

"Nobody's Child was an accomplished piece with strong performances, and the writing had a consistent tone throughout. There is no doubt you should pursue film making'. BBC

"NO SMOKE' is in a select group and highly regarded. You have what it takes'. UK Film Festival

"it was a compelling drama'. Universal Film Magazine

'NO SMOKE is powerful and thought provoking. The writing is excellent, and if ever there was cinematic proof of a conspiracy theory it is here. It is enjoyable and entertaining, and the ending comes as a shock. I loved it.'     Film critic Hilary Robertson

'Your movie 'NO SMOKE' is an excellent and pertinent film. I loved it! The film is very topical and characters realistic. Well done, very well done!' M.Smith, film producer and distributor.

'You obviously have talent'. Rogue Arts, L.A.

'I absolutely loved this film. I will spread the word about Archie. Truly touching and inspiring.' Karen Vehkavaara, Ontario, Canada.


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